"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth


Sun 24 September, 10:30 2023

In this workshop we move / dance with how essential/ basic grounded joy or the pure energetic of grounded joy can help us to experience and revel in the Relief that can come when we have allowed our emotions space and time to move in their own way and their own tempo, no more and no less; to really say yes and welcome the joy when it comes in small moments and in maybe longer warm blissful amounts of time, through our whole body. Sometimes there is an undercurrent of joy carrying on where everything is keeping in movement, flexibly and meeting the moment as it is, the reality, right now. The relief throughout all of the body when there is less squeezing closed or knottedness of emotions which have been disallowed, not accepted. The, perhaps unexpected, delight in celebrating in a beautifully embodied way and have gratitude. We will move through our practice of the 5 Rhythms time and again, to dance through this and, as much as possible, we allow everything that is happening in us. Yes, even revelling in the joy, having the satisfaction, without doubting it or questioning it. By the end of the day that sense of being softly grounded with the relief and even bliss can even feel like something as a matter of course, self-evident, yes, maybe this can be a “normal” part of our lives, feeling it in our bodies, right down to our toes. I look forward to following the movement of this journey with you.

In this series of ten workshops we explore in movement, alternately the Waves map rhythms: Attention (Flowing), Clarity (Staccato), Adventure (Chaos), Freedom (Lyrical), and Connection (Stillness), and the Heartbeat map emotions: Awake (Fear), Upright (Anger), Release (Sadness), Relief (Joy), and Embracing (Compassion). In each workshop we go deeper with one rhythm or emotion, whilst also moving through full waves. Nancy will teach the Heartbeat workshops, Edo the Waves workshops.

This is a series of linked workshops, a connected whole, but at the same time each workshop can stand independently on its own, so you can feel free to take part in one or several, or the whole series.