"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth


Sun 12 May, 10:30 2024

In this workshop we move / dance with how essential/ basic sadness or the pure energetic of sadness can gently help us to move on and Release what is ready to be let go of and take our time to get ready to take steps in the space which is opened up and to see with new eyes the gifts which remain. The release of sadness can have a delicateness and exquisiteness and also a tender warmth, and a humble trusting of how this is ready to happen in this moment. Once we’ve experienced some of the letting go of the pure sadness energetic and felt the message that this is allowed, this is possible, then we can quite often find trust unfolding in us overall about the letting go, the trust that is in the intelligence of all the cells of our body, soaking through. Giving time and space to this, whilst again and a again dancing through the 5Rhythms®, can lead to more trust and more soft openness. We start to see what we’re holding onto and what we’re letting go of and this has a feeling of a kind of real, steady rightness. I’m really ready to hold us during this journey, for us to take the steps, just to the degree and timing for each one of us, and look forward to welcoming you.

In this series of ten workshops we explore in movement, alternately the Waves map rhythms: Attention (Flowing), Clarity (Staccato), Adventure (Chaos), Freedom (Lyrical), and Connection (Stillness), and the Heartbeat map emotions: Awake (Fear), Upright (Anger), Release (Sadness), Relief (Joy), and Embracing (Compassion). In each workshop we go deeper with one rhythm or emotion, whilst also moving through full waves. Nancy will teach the Heartbeat workshops, Edo the Waves workshops.

This is a series of linked workshops, a connected whole, but at the same time each workshop can stand independently on its own, so you can feel free to take part in one or several, or the whole series.