"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Silver Desert

In Silver Desert, we explore the endless stillness energy in movement and meditation, together with connection and non-attachment. Gabrielle only gave this workshop once, in 2007. It is unclear to us whether or when this workshop will next be given.

I (Edo) remember very well the half-year run-up to this workshop, when each month we were asked to choose to let go of one habit in our lives, like eating chocolate, or reading the news in full detail, forgetting to take time for myself…  we sent an e-mail with our intention to Gabrielle every month and she read each one and sometimes answered.  During the workshop, I enjoyed the invitation to really connect with the other participants, the relaxed time of being together, in meditation, dance, or talk. The residential venue Westerbeke in California really supported this very strongly. And a talk I had with Gabrielle about the mind and the ego has really stayed with me which I’m still very thankful for.

It was so good to do this with Gabrielle. Extra explorations, with the energy of the rhythm of Stillness percolating all through what we did. I (Nancy) found it touching and mysterious and it gave me a fuller sense of unquestioned belonging, down, down, down deep inside.