"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Welcome to the web site of Unfolding Movement, the non-profit organisation that we, Nancy en Edo, set up to communicate our love of the 5Rhythms®. We can't imagine life without this practice, and we gladly bring you into movement, so that you can experience yourself what it can offer to your life. Take a (regular) look at this web site, and don't hesitate to let your body taste one of our classes, and to let us know your experience or discoveries.

The 5Rhythms® are an international movement, started by Gabrielle Roth, an American woman with a passion for dance and how it can be used to free ourselves. We have some twenty colleagues in Belgium, and hundreds world-wide. Therefore we chose to not only publish our own activities on this web site, but also a selection of activities of our (inter)national colleagues, as an example of what is available. You'll also find references to the Belgian and international agendas.

Moving with Life

There are times in my life when one change happens and it leads to other changes, so that it feels like I’m being asked by life to let go of the old and move on to the new at a very fast pace.

I find that practising the wave of the 5Rhythms can help me to move with this and can support me to explore how it’s affecting me and how I can stay with myself and in my body, and present with it all, to be my own beautiful, imperfect self with it.

In flowing, in these times of change, I start to move and breathe and realise that some parts of my body are trying to resist the change. So I add more breath and listen to those parts, gradually seeing how they can move and feel connection to the ground. Flowing is a gently supportive way to become present in my body so that I can let my dance back me up as I’m going through changes.

In staccato, I can step by step find the structures that can help me to keep moving in a way that’s not tensely over-controlling . I find an attitude that, yes there are things that I can do and that are helpful for me, together with some kind of “realism” or humbleness that I can’t control everything.

In chaos, I feel the big energies of change and transformation around me and in me and I use the practice of staying really grounded and present in my body whilst letting the winds of change buffet me. And chaos reminds me of the power of letting things move through me and out of me, of surrendering to it all, whilst being gorgeously soft and grounded. Also letting the change in and through and integrating it at a deeper level - fusing, blending.

In lyrical, with the changes and transformations, I could get to the point of being rather excited by them and I even start to see it all as a wonderful adventure. I may discover new or dormant aspects of myself and try out how it would be to be like that. Also at that point, I feel more reconciled to the changes, more comfortable and at ease and start to be able to adapt myself to them.

Stillness can support me to gently step back and see the bigger picture, being more contemplative, as I take my big, full breaths. and feel at least the beginning of a settling and deeper acceptance, and continuing the process of gradually incorporating the change in all the cells of my body and slowing down and nourishing myself until the next wave begins.

Sending you many good wishes at this time of the change of the season and the year coming up.


Next year, there will be a unique collaboration between PRH and the 5 Rhythms, during a summer week from 18-24 July with the workshops "Discover my inner power through movement" (for people without experience of PRH) and "Becoming more free in my life through movement" (for people already having followed at least one five-day workshop), in Kortenberg. You can follow these workshops even without any experience of the 5 Rhythms beforehand.

We continue with the closed groups in 2020: the next one in Neeroeteren starts on Wednesday 5 February, the next in Diest on Friday 27 March. In December, our colleague Anne-Mieke Haazen teaches the joint Fitopia class, and in January you'll meet Frie Lavelli.