"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Welcome to the web site of Unfolding Movement, the non-profit organisation that we, Nancy en Edo, set up to communicate our love of the 5Rhythms®. We can't imagine life without this practice, and we gladly bring you into movement, so that you can experience yourself what it can offer to your life. Take a (regular) look at this web site, and don't hesitate to let your body taste one of our classes, and to let us know your experience or discoveries.

The 5Rhythms® are an international movement, started by Gabrielle Roth, an American woman with a passion for dance and how it can be used to free ourselves. We have some twenty colleagues in Belgium, and hundreds world-wide. Therefore we chose to not only publish our own activities on this web site, but also a selection of activities of our (inter)national colleagues, as an example of what is available. You'll also find references to the Belgian and international agendas.


When I dance I try to invite my whole body into movement and to include all of the body-parts. As a reward, these body-parts strengthen my anchoring in the 5Rhythms® and take me deeper.

So, in the Flowing rhythm, I find my allies in my feet. Also, through slightly dropping my knees, I can bring the energy in my lower body more into movement. That helps me to feel supported by and connected with the ground, and to be with what is happening here and now, in a rather deeper way. Through keeping my feet in movement and following them without knowing where they will take me, I get, in another way, a sense of what is happening in me, what lives in me.

In Staccato, my hips fire up my movement, taking the energy which I’ve discovered in flowing and acting as a bridge to bring it out into the world, using both the lower and upper parts of my body. Allowing this "bridge or hinge" in my body to live and to fully have the right to move, enriches my expressiveness. My hips help me to find my own fire and to show it, in order to clearly show to the world what I stand for.

In Chaos I give myself over to the loose movement of my spine, neck and head. By moving this axis / central line in a flexible way, by letting it turn and curl and bend, the places in me which are “rusted over” and held can soften, melt and loosen. Surrendering my head to the movement helps me to start to let go of thoughts and fixed ideas and become more open for other possibilities which can come up, as if out of nowhere as I keep moving.

In the Lyrical rhythm my arms become, so to speak, my wings. I can open them out and explore all of the space around me. I can meet others, enjoy what is and what I’m experiencing. I can make use of the whole palette of my movement, from the earth to the heavens, from the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes. My body becomes at this time at one in movement, creative and sometimes, exuberant.

In Stillness, I unite with my breath. I’m aware, even more of my in- and out-breaths and I follow their interaction with my movement. I explore how the movement, receiving through my in-breath, unfolds further to then empty out in the out-breath. Through this attention, my movement gets rather meditational, connected with myself, present to my surroundings and the other people around me and drawn to something bigger.


This year, there will be a unique collaboration between PRH and the 5 Rhythms, during a summer week from 18-24 July with the workshops "Discover my inner power through movement" (for people with or without experience of PRH) and "Becoming more free in my life through movement" (for people already having followed at least one five-day workshop), in Kortenberg. You can follow these workshops even without any experience of the 5 Rhythms beforehand. We still hope that these workshops will be allowed to be given, in any case, we are ready for them.