"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

to the web site of Unfolding Movement, the non-profit organisation that we, Nancy en Edo, set up to communicate our love of the 5Rhythms®. We can't imagine life without this practice, and we gladly bring you into movement, so that you can experience yourself what it can offer to your life.

The 5Rhythms® are an international movement, started by Gabrielle Roth, an American woman with a passion for dance and how it can be used to free ourselves. We have some twenty colleagues in Belgium, and hundreds world-wide. Therefore we chose to not only publish our own activities on this web site, but also a selection of activities of our (inter)national colleagues, as an example of what is available. You'll also find references to the Belgian and international agendas.


Ten years ago Gabrielle Roth died, the charismatic woman who, with her discovery, elucidation and spreading of the 5Rhythms® in the last 50 years, put the the concept of “conscious movement” on the map, in the Western world. Since then, many forms of conscious movement have come into existence, but I primarily have a bond with the 5Rhythms®. This bond, for me (Edo), came into being when I read Gabrielle’s first two books, where the seeker in her deeply touched the seeker in me. Where dancing the 5Rhythms® wave as a practice teaches us more than the person who facilitates the practice. Where our individual experience, our individual tempo and our individuality take a central role. Where we are able to gradually unfold into greater inner freedom and more connectedness, within ourselves and with others.

I’m thankful that I had the chance to dance hundreds of hours with Gabrielle herself, from basic Waves workshops to The Silver Desert workshop. That I was able to take part in the last Teacher Training that she led. That I could receive inspiration directly from the source that she was. That I can now offer the 5Rhythms® through my experiences of them in me. All of that connects me with her, even after her death, and links me with Life, within me and within us all.

Our 5Rhythms® Workshops

Nancy and I felt last year that we would like to take a step further with the teaching of the exploration of body and heart. So, since this year we are offering a set of 10 one-day workshops in Diest where we explore the Waves Map as well as the Heartbeat Map in more detail, breadth and depth, each time over the course of a day. So, together with the shorter evening classes you can also get the chance of having a longer bathe in the 5Rhythms® each month. This is set up as a set of linked workshops, a connected whole, but at the same time each workshop can stand independently on its own, so you can feel free to take part in one or several, or the whole series. We continue with this monthly offering also next year.

Workshops together with PRH

Last summer we enjoyed the unique joint offering between the 5Rhythms® and PRH Flanders (in which we both also are active as collaborators), during the two workshops "Vanuit beweging mijn innerlijke kracht ontdekken" (with Edo and Patrick Jossa) and "Vanuit beweging vrijer worden in mijn levensdynamiek" (with Nancy and Annick Jossa), in Erwetegem (near Zottegem). During five days, first moving with the 5Rhythms, followed by a written exploration and potentially sharing part of it using the method of PRH. This combination has offered our participants a lot of growth in their lives. The first workshop will also be offered next year (1-5 July 2023).