"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

I Welcome to the web site of Unfolding Movement, the non-profit organisation that we, Nancy en Edo, set up to communicate our love of the 5Rhythms®. We can't imagine life without this practice, and we gladly bring you into movement, so that you can experience yourself what it can offer to your life. Take a (regular) look at this web site, and don't hesitate to let your body taste one of our classes, and to let us know your experience or discoveries.

The 5Rhythms® are an international movement, started by Gabrielle Roth, an American woman with a passion for dance and how it can be used to free ourselves. We have some twenty colleagues in Belgium, and hundreds world-wide. Therefore we chose to not only publish our own activities on this web site, but also a selection of activities of our (inter)national colleagues, as an example of what is available. You'll also find references to the Belgian and international agendas.

Light and Shadow

When we practise the 5Rhythms®, we primarily do it from the angle of the light side, the energy of each rhythm and how it moves in us when it’s quite free. Gabrielle Roth also looked into how the shadow sides of the rhythms move in us, when the energy doesn’t stream so freely. There is nothing wrong or right about the shadow or the light side, they are just two aspects of the same energy.

In the “Shadow” Map of the 5Rhythms®, in flowing we meet resistance and inertia, the clarity of staccato tends towards tension and rigidity, the loose, grounded suppleness of chaos spills over into confusion or being out of control, the lightness of lyrical becomes disconnected from reality and spaced out, escaping to a dreamworld, and stillness shifts into numbness or being like a stone, nothing in, nothing out. When we are more experienced in the 5Rhythms® practice, then we can help ourselves to deal with and move through the shadow state via our bodies, by embodying the shadow more explicitly. In this way, the shadow can be a gift, as an entrance way/gate to being more of our true self.

Each class, each closed group, each workshop (our next one on 1 June), is an opportunity to explore all of this, without judgement, in movement, and through your body. A chance to enjoy the movement, the dancing together with others, the free exploration of the light and the shadow sides. We're happy to welcome you on this adventure.

More information about how to dance with the shadows.


We continue with ongoing groups this year as well, our next one starts on 16 April. In February, our colleague Luc De Cuyper teaches the joint Fitopia class.

And Nancy has taken the initiative, upon invitation by Carine, to offer a workshop "Space and Fascination" on 1 June in Neeroeteren.

Our colleague Thierry François, with whom we followed the waves training, on February 16-17 gives "moMENtum", a workshop for men only, in Mortsel, by invitation of our colleague Katya.