"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

God, Sex and the Body

The movement (which includes ritual theatre) workshop 'God, Sex and the Body', which is taught by only a few international teachers, explores  the archetypal energies, as Gabrielle described them in her book 'Sweat your Prayers’.  We play with a varied troupe of archetypes—your healer, warrior, rebel, mistress, psychic, seeker and sweet holy fool and many others.  Through moving, representing, expressing these archetypes we discover which parts of our soul have been lost, ignored or repressed.  A part of this is also an archetypes party, where we allow ourselves to embody one or more of these archetypes, and let them live fully and freely in us.


I (Edo) remember very vividly the first time that I did this workshop, with Gabrielle, in New York. I still feel the sense of wonder of walking back after the  Archetypes Party, in a dress through the streets of Manhattan towards the place we were staying in. Tasting the freedom of this exploration, the sometimes surprised looks of other pedestrians, when they observed that the dress was combined with a beard. And certainly the last time, in London, where the party happened in a renovated church, on New Year’s Eve. That time, I also fully enjoyed the preparation, finding out and setting up what to wear. 

This felt like an adventure for me (Nancy), exploring lots of different possibilities in myself and giving some luscious openings. A highlight of my last God Sex and the Body was dressing up in a suit and tie with a crisp white shirt to be the father archetype at the archetypes party - a lot of surprising and life- enriching moments in that, including my interactions with the people who came as different archetypes -. Each time I do God Sex and the Body I find some extra freedom in certain parts of myself.