"Als je de mens in beweging brengt, zal die zichzelf helen." Gabrielle Roth


met Vehllia Tranne

Deze workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven.

In the last couple of years and relentlessly still in these days, we have been put under so much pressure and challenges in our lives that made our daily existence contracting and our bodies shrinking under a constant barrage of events.

The opposite of contracting is expanding. These actions are normally both happening on our body constantly. Our heartbeat, our breathing are making our blood flow and oxygenate our tissues, keeping us alive. And inevitably in our lives, we also have moments when we reach out and moments when we want to curl in and avoid the world. Somehow this is what keeps us alive as well. But definitely we experience much more contraction, and release and expansion are necessary for a healthier existential balance.

Embracing the moments when we go inside and we need to be just with ourselves, and the moments when all we want to do is share with others are absolutely the best things to do. Like Yin and Yang, the complimentary existence and actions of the opposite is what brings equilibrium to the whole.

In this workshop we will focus on the expansion. For some of us, it is very difficult to open and explore what's outside and for some of us, to be over-expanding can be a way to avoid exploring our inside.

Expand inside and expand outside. Step over the boundaries and limitations we have been imposed and the one we created ourselves. Finding what's unexplored in our innate world and treasure it, letting Flowing to teach us how to be part of a community from the inside, creating a Staccato message, clear and sharp to the outside, entering in the ever surprising Chaos of our existence, to naturally expand in our Lyrical true being, to rest and connect with the Universe in a moment of Stillness.

A journey focused on the expansion of ourselves, giving permission to find and become our own joy and to dance it all together in our own unique way. To Expand behind any border, any limit and any wall that are keeping us to fully appreciate the mysterious gifts of our existence.

"In Lyrical, we seek truth about both ourselves and our mission here on this planet. Again and again we must reach into the unknown, mysterious part of ourselves, eliminating all resistance to the creative process of self-discovery and developing the discipline to be a free spirit." - Gabrielle Roth, Sweat Your Prayers.