"Als je de mens in beweging brengt, zal die zichzelf helen." Gabrielle Roth

Buddha in the Beat

with Jonathan Horan

The Rhythms Flowing, Staccato and Chaos are the gateways to our center, the wellspring of our sense of trust. Being centered and trusting is what allows us to fully experience the moment for what it is. When we are not centered, our body takes on the shapes of our fears and defenses, and we only re-create old stories, empowering the part of us that is attached and not ready to change. Our center is our root. When we are grounded in it, we move instinctively and intuitively. Being centered allows us to be fluid, focused and free to act from the deepest and wisest part of ourselves, our Buddha Self. Buddha in the Beat is an invitation to dance, to join me in my continuing investigation into how we can be present and aware in all circumstances, hold our center in the chaos of all things and transform our pain and suffering into simple wisdom and loving compassion.

The question is: Can we move, like the eye of the hurricane, through the rhythms of life, in light and shadow, with a still, spacious Buddha mind? The answer is in the dance . . . your dance.

This is a Waves level weekend workshop, taught in English.

Prerequisites: Waves expirience. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.