"Als je de mens in beweging brengt, zal die zichzelf helen." Gabrielle Roth


met Alain Allard

Dit is een heartbeat en golf niveau weekend workshop, gegeven in het Engels.


Once we begin to attend to the rhythms of the body, then we begin to hear more clearly the rhythms of life. The voice of the heart and gut intelligence call as loudly to us as the trees in the wind, clouds in the sky and the passing of seasons. The habits of dulling our creative response to Life's unfolding by numbing down and overthinking are a reversible product of our conditioning. We have learned to stop listening, replace being with doing and seeing with judging.

The 5Rhythms® practice is a simple, dynamically powerful moving meditation practice that can help us wake up to being, feeling and seeing the world and the preciousness of Life with the creative wonder that we were born with. In this workshop, we will work with many of Gabrielle Roth's simple and powerful maps to regain physical and emotional presence and greater fluidity. The more we can learn to simply move what we experience, the more able we are to actually be present and so live fully and be creative.