"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth
GSB level teacher
United Kingdom
Miscellaneous Information:

My home rhythm is flowing lyrical – a sky girl finding her ground. Living in the birdsong and the dappled light of the woods in West Wales affirms my wildness and connection to the everchanging cycles of nature – I love to bring that with me onto the dancefloors of cities from Manchester and Liverpool to Rome and Reykjavik. Dancing brings mystery and imagination into form and connects deep dreaming with flesh and bone. I certainly have a lot to be grateful for – living a life built from music, beauty, love and friendship, a warm fireside to return to, my rock’n’roll son and feisty pixie daughter. I find the most inspiring and surprising music at home too – lost and remembered ancient tunes given new life by my partner Joseph Caswell. I’m forever grateful to my Raven Sister Gabrielle, who taught me about spirit embodied, generosity and that there is no limit to love.

Alex teaches Waves, Heartbeat and God, Sex and the Body.