"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

The Joy of Being Alive

with Silvija Tomčik

In this workshop we will explore with our whole body and with our amazing creativity of movement, this feeling of aliveness and well-being in our heart. This ability to meet the ups and downs of our life with authenticity and perspective. This practice is not about manufacturing positive experiences but about becoming aware of those that are already present. It is about opening to the good.

There is excitement in our fear, passion in our anger, rejuvenation in our sadness. There are so many flavors of joy - sometimes it delights us and uplifts us and connects us; sometimes we can scream "I am alive", sometimes it is bittersweet; sometimes is contagious; sometimes it is a sense of grace that takes the shape of gratitude. Using our human super powers of mindfulness and nonjudgemental awareness, we can simply take things as they are - and even bask in the joys of that feeling.