"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

All Is Full Of Love

with Alex Mackay

Deepening our dance practice through the Heartbeat maps, we will find the shapes of the essential feelings as they move through us in the moment, and transform leftover fragments of old emotion into aliveness.

If Flowing is full of love, then we love our bodies - their softness and strength and capacity to move

If Staccato is full of love then we can express ourselves and find connection

If Chaos is full of love then we can release everything that blocks it, and we can dance what we loved and lost

If Lyrical is full of love, we are moving in an energetic field of kindness, aliveness and warmth If Stillness is full of love, we can breath that love in and out

As human beings, we are built to know what others are feeling - there is a part of the nervous system that does this, but we may have trained ourselves to shut it down. It is an instinctive animal part of us worthy of our curiosity and respect. In All is Full of Love, we will be seeking the conditions when we can act from instinct, inhabit intimacy and work directly from divine intelligence. We will practice the embodiment of the heart, valuing all the times when we can say yes to love.