"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Our classes can be held according to the current measures for sports (June-July 2021), with a maximum number of participants depending on the hall where we move. So we ask you to register in advance, to follow that up. Wearing a face mask is only mandatory when the distance of 1,5 meter can’t be guaranteed (like in some parts of the building). So you can dance without a face mask, if you can keep the required distance to other dancers. 

We are very happy that we can welcome you again, and you can count on us to provide an environment where you can move safely, with whatever goes on inside of you. From our side, we'll provide the necessary infrastructure (ventilation, CO2 meter, gel) and our teachers are fully vaccinated. We expect you to take your part of responsibility in guarding your own safety, and that of the other people.

More specifically:

  • we ask you to consider whether you are part of a category of people that runs a higher risk in case of an infection, iike older people or people with an underlying condition, and in that case to seriously evaluate whether you want to participate or not
  • by participating, you accept that a zero risk does not exist, and that applying reasonable and careful measures does not guarantee you won't catch COVID-19 during a class;
  • if you are ill, or have had complaints in the last 7 days that might be linked to a COVID-19 infection, you cannot participate; also, if close relatives (partner, family) have experienced illness or symptoms in the last 7 days, you cannot participate;
  • if you get ill within 14 days after the activity, you have to inform us, and if needed also participate in contact tracing;
  • at the latest at arrival in the half you let us know your details for that aim (name, phone number or email address);
  • Before, during and after the class, we maintain at least one and a half meters of distance between ourselves and the other dancers;
  • bring a face mask to the venue, for when needed in the building, and if wished for during the dance;
  • bring your own bottle of drink, also when you want to stay a bit longer at the end to talk; we propose to talk outside if weather permits;
  • we ask you to wear dance clothes already when leaving home, with extra layers if required during your trip; the changing rooms will not be available;

We look forward to moving with you again, taking into account the limitations that are imposed by this situation.

If you still have questions that weren’t answered above, you can always ask them: please contact Edo for all measures around corona within Ontluikende Beweging (0497 053 015, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)